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Shoe Polish, Belts and Shoes in Sudbury from Heels ‘n’ Soles

Here at Heels ‘n’ Soles, we’ve been providing our services to Sudbury and the surrounding areas since 1980. We pride ourselves on offering the best possible customer satisfaction and quality of products like Saphir shoe polish and JR leather soles in Sudbury. To learn more about what we have here at Heels ‘n’ Soles, contact us today or stop by our store.

Leather Belts and Soles

Is it time for a new belt? Choose from our vast inventory of Canadian-made pure leather belts. We also provide belt and leather repair services at Heels ‘n’ Soles. Are you in need of new soles for your shoes? Try out lightweight and durable leather soles from JR-Leather. To learn more, stop by our store or check out the JR-Leather website

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Stay Safe with Vibram® Artic Grip

During the cold winter months, even a short walk can be dangerous with ice and snow covering nearly every walkway. For just that reason, Heels ‘n’ Soles carries Vibram® Artic Grip products that will keep you safe and upright during even the iciest winters. To learn more, visit Heels ‘n’ Soles today or check out this short video!

Are you ready to see what Heels ‘n’ Soles can do for you? Come visit us and find out or contact us today.


Among the brands we carry include:

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Looking For New Boots?

Contact us today to learn how we can help you.

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