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Repairing Leather Products in Sudbury for Over 40 Years

Heels ‘n’ Soles: Your Home for Leather Products and Repair

Heels ‘n’ Soles isn’t just a shoe store anymore. Our skilled and knowledgeable staff now can provide leather alterations in Sudbury as well as other services. Do you need to get that baseball glove repaired? We can help! Or is it time to replace the zipper on your favourite jacket? Bring it to Heels ‘n’ Soles. We specialize in snowmobile jacket and pants zipper replacement and upgrades. We can also stitch canvas, repair leather products and much more. Our full list of services includes:

Jackets, leather jacket repair
Leather belts
Zipper repair
Leather repair
Handbag repair
Snap replacement
Leather jacket sleeve shortening
Coloring and reconditions of leather
Keys copying
Snowmobile jacket/pants zipper replacement
Knives sharpening
Canvas and boat top repairs

Need Shoe Repair or Leather Alterations?

Contact us today to learn how we can help you.

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